Innocent in the City

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Don't know any life but the city life, the glitz, the action, the frenzy.
Dreams of a quiet life but longs for more action.
Never contented with being in one place, always looking for something bigger and better.
That's me. The city girl.


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    Friday, March 06, 2009
    Trying it Out

    Just trying it out for my favorite people in the world. If you are Emily, Olivia, Jenna, Harry or any of my students, you can visit here and leave messages. Swear, i;ll update this blog very often with pictures and stuff. Okay?

    CITY LIFE; 8:25 PM

    Monday, January 14, 2008
    Call Center


    Smiling at the computer monitor. Nodding head thoughtfully, hand gripping mouse, pointing pointer to link. Click. Click. Disclosures. Empathizes. Apologizes. Recognizes. Mute button. Mutters curse. Un-mute. SMiles again. Explains. Explains again. And again. More mepathy. Owning caller's concern. Conversation: 7 minutes, 14 seconds and counting. More explanation, tight smiles, mouse banging on the desk. Nodding, nodding, nodding. Yes. Perfect. Precisely. Excellent.Sighs in relief.


    CITY LIFE; 7:45 PM

    Surprise Addiction

    Laying on the bed, side awake, my cellphone by my side. Straining to hear every sound, waiting for the tell-tale beep to confirm that I have been remembered by you. Clock ticking, silence prevails and I get slightly annoyed. Not at you but at myself. I didn't even realize that I was addicted to that cursed beep, that blasted connection I allowed myself to imagine.

    Only 3 more hours til the alarm goes off.



    CITY LIFE; 7:36 PM

    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    One tiny crack from one lousy day and she has been shattered. Not all at once, no, that would have been too kind. Instead, she crumbled, bit by miniscule bit, so small that nobody even noticed.

    She ignored the gnawing in her gut, wore a deceptive smile and she walked on as she was being chipped away at. Maybe she figured that she was breaking but she never said a word. She hid the faults and covered the cracks with one laugh after another.

    Her destruction came from one tiny crack. And now, no one can recognize her, not even herself. For she was once whole but now no less than ash, And all from that one tiny crack.

    It started from her heart.

    CITY LIFE; 2:29 PM

    The Fairytale Endeth

    She waited in her tower
    00for a prince to set her free
    She waited, oh so patiently
    00for the day that she;d meet he.
    By the window, she looked out
    00and searched for signs of armor
    Day and night she prayed and prayed
    00for a meeting filled with splendor.
    In her heart she sang of songs
    00for the prince she has yet to meet.
    She often worried about the that thought
    00that a dragon he must beat.
    Days turned to months and then to years
    00but still she kept on waiting
    Of fairytales and happy endings
    00that's the promise she's expecting
    One fateful day, by some mistake
    00she found her door was open
    Staring at the pathway down
    00she kept her doubts unspoken.
    And when she reached the outside world
    00she looked back at the tower.
    She realized witha heavy heart
    00that in her was the power
    All those years she waited
    00for a prince who'd never come
    What she needed was herself
    00and courage, maybe some.
    So she walked away from the tower
    00for everything she knew
    She started humming the prince's song
    00she knew wasn't coming true
    With a sign and a drop of tear
    00she ended her dreams of glory
    No more princes, no more castles
    00she's making her own story.

    CITY LIFE; 2:22 PM

    Saturday, January 12, 2008
    Back From the Dead

    Almost one year of non-blogging and I barely even noticed it. Everyone I know is blogging on Multiply or Myspace or other equally commercialized site and I have to admit that I have posted quite a few entries on those channels as well. But I miss the anonymity of this space (how much anonymity can it give me when my name is the URL? Haha!) and I think I might start writing again on this space. You see, I kinda lost my flame for writing when I started working. Let's just say that I focused more on my oral communication that the connection between my brain and my hand is a bit rusty. Sure, I still scribble and doodle but nothing of substance comes from it usually. I miss being able to find the exact words to say, to put those words in the exact order which can convey how I feel and what I think the best, I miss being little miss writer. Needless to say, my creative writing has been put on an indefinite hiatus since my job and i'm going to start over, with journal entries and maybe, when i've rediscovered my literary groove, I will lift the hold on my writing. For now, though, I am a 2nd timer with the whole blogging/writing experience. And with the non-popular status of this space, I won't be afraid to make a total and utter fool of myself. Haha. Welcome back to me. :)

    CITY LIFE; 9:54 PM

    Monday, April 23, 2007
    Random Musings...

    Pardon this hodge-podge of hullaballoos, I can't be arsed to make a coherent entry as of the moment. :)

    Saying Goodbye to Teen-hood

    Yikes! I always thought that being twenty years old would make me--err, old. Now, only 2 days beforfe the "big 2-0", I don't feel any different. I still feel like I did when I started going to UST, the same as I felt when I started going to highschool. I know i'm different, I wouldn't be normal if I stayed exactly the same but what i'm saying is that it's notthat big of a deal after all. Twenty years isn't that bad. Especially since I've gone through a lot of ups and downs (no worse tha others, i'm sure) but i'm still standing. QUite proud, i must say. So, i'm nearly twenty years old.
    Bring it on!

    American Idol

    Boo!!!! I haven't watched Idol in a couple of week due to work. Psh. I'm glad Sanjaya's out and I think that Lakisha won't move on to the end as well. I am still expecting a Jordin-Melinda finals but I would be soooo happy if Blake made final 3. Needless to say, i still luuurrrvvveee Blakey boy. He does look like a trool--a little bit but he's my troll. Hehe.


    I read all my past entries on this blog and it surprises me to no end that sometimes, i make complete sense! ';ve unearthed a lot of smart posts and i feel quite proud that i may be as smart as ai think I am. Lol. It's very therapeutic, following my life in blog entries. I can't wait to see what a nother 2 years of blogging would reveal to me. :)

    CITY LIFE; 2:58 PM